About chemical distribution

Groupe Somavrac is a strategic partner in the sale and distribution of chemicals. Groupe Somavrac's expertise in responsible distribution enables us to provide the safest service possible. Groupe Somavrac can design and install tanks connected directly to customer manufacturing processes. As well as managing product inventory, Groupe Somavrac offers a wide range of products and sizes. Whether the products are alkalis, peroxides, acids, or chlorides, the distribution circuit is safe, reliable, and flexible.

Specializations and diversification:

  • Chemicals
  • Wide range of sizes available (partial bulk delivery, totes or bottled sizes)
  • 24/7 emergency service, safe delivery system certified by Responsible Distribution Canada
  • Related services: bottling, just-in-time delivery, and technical support
  • Ongoing training program

Calcium/magnesium-chloride-based products

Groupe Somavrac is the benchmark in terms of the sale and distribution of products intended to improve quality of life. Whether during the summer or winter season, Groupe Somavrac offers a range of products that aims to enhance users’ well-being through dust suppression and elimination of slippery surfaces.

Specializations and diversification:

  • Specialized dust suppressants and de-icing agents
  • Related services: spreading (dust suppressant), liquid treatment of abrasives/salt
  • Specialized, dedicated spreading equipment
  • Customer service, technical support, and after-sales service
  • Ongoing training program