Chromic acid: an extremely powerful oxidant

May 28, 2019

Chromic acid: an extremely powerful oxidant

Chromium trioxide, or chromic acid is a compound with a strong presence and popularity on the market, particularly because of its oxidizing properties.

As an extremely powerful oxidant, chromium trioxide readily reacts with organic matter to oxidize it, giving it the ability to neutralize potential pathogens and organic contaminants in a given environment.

Chromic acid areas of application and benefits

Several areas of application can benefit from chromium trioxide, including surface coating, either in metal plating or the application of paint containing chromium (VI). Coating metals with chromium (VI) compounds is very important for the automotive and aerospace industries. Indeed, chromium (VI) has the ability to react with a good number of metals, i.e. it renders the metals it covers inactive in the face of corrosion.

Furthermore, chromium is the hardest metal known to date. As a result, chromium trioxide adds strength to any structure it covers, making it more resistant and therefore more durable. Finally, very attractive colors, including some green tones, can be obtained from chromium (VI) based coatings. This clear advantage makes chromium trioxide a viable solution that perfectly meets the various industrial coating needs of metal structures.

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