Magnesium Chloride with sugar additive (D-Glace 100TM)

D-Glace100TM liquid de-icing agent

Product Description

D-Glace100TM is a mix of liquid magnesium chloride and corrosion inhibitor (it is as non-corrosive as rainwater). D-Glace100TM is used on roads for:

  • Prewetting of salt and abrasives: effective down to -45 °C
  • Preventive spreading/anti-icing: frost resistant (-17 °C) after 50% dilution
  • Spreading after precipitation and the scraping of the surface to be de-iced

What is de-icing ?

De-icing consists of a preventive technical measure to maintain winter road viability. Spraying a liquid de-icer on the roads before precipitation actually starts will prevent the adhesion of ice and snow.

Why is it used ?

The thin layer coating of brine previously applied will prevent moisture from crystallizing on the road. This approach prevents black ice formation until product is diluted. With freezing rain or snow or other precipitations, the liquid de-icer will immediately form a brine coating between the road and the accumulation thus preventing the formation of hardened snow until the product is completely dissolved. Contrary to conventional road salt, the liquid de-icer acts instantly on the road surface.

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