Salt and Calcium Chloride (Articplus-25®)

Articplus -25® de-icing agent

Product Description

Articplus -25® is a mix of salt and calcium chloride effective down to -25 °C. The synergy of both products in contact with snow or ice speeds up the melting process. Given its instant action, it was designed for severe weather conditions, to reduce the chance of introducing melter inside buildings (excellent ground adherence). Also, designed for use in areas with higher risks for accidents or falls, such as sloped roads or walkways, stairs, sidewalks, etc.

Where to Use Articplus -25®

Articplus -25® is used for de-icing:

  • Stairs
  • Slopes (roads or walkways)
  • Sidewalks
  • Roads
  • Parking lots
  • Other similar surfaces

Available Size

Articplus -25® is available in 1,000 kg and 20 kg bags (63 bags/ pallet).

Registered trademark of Somavrac C.C.