Hydrated Lime

Formula: Ca(OH)2

Available formats: 20 kg bags

Synonyms: Calcium hydroxide

Application: Hydrated lime is used:

  • In the treatment of drinking water and water used in the beverage industry [for pH adjustment or as a softener]
  • In the treatment of wastewater and various industrial waste [for example, to neutralize pH or precipitate heavy metals]
  • In the metallurgical industry, particularly for the extraction of aluminum (bauxite treatment), but also in the extraction of uranium, gold, nickel and other non-ferrous metals
  • For the production of bleaching agents, such as lime chloride and calcium hypochlorite
  • In the pulp and paper industry, as a source of alkali
  • In the preparation of mortar, certain plasters and whitewash used in construction
  • In solution form, for cleaning equipment in the food industry (circuits and bottles)
  • In water-based paint formulations
  • In the petrochemical industry, to maintain the alkalinity of drilling muds
  • For the desulphurization of combustion gases from thermal power plants, or other industries that emit acid gases
  • In the synthesis of elastomers and plastics
  • In the formulation of certain dental cements
  • In the tanning industry, for hair removal
  • As a source of calcium supplement in poultry feed

Inspired by text from CNESST website

Industries: Wastewater Treatment, Automotive, Specialty Chemical Manufacturers, Heating and Cooling

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