Formula: NaOh

Concentrations/specificities: 10% to 30% and 25% to 50%

Available formats: bulk, semi-bulk, totes, delcans, pails and drums

Synonyms: Aqueous solution of sodium hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide aqueous solution, Sodium hydroxide, Sodium hydroxide solution, Caustic sod

Application: The main use of 50% sodium hydroxide is related to:

  • The manufacture of chemicals (pH control, acid neutralization, acid gas and catalyst absorbents), glass, cellulose-based products (rayon, cellophane, cellulose ethers), strippers, degreasers, disinfectants, adhesives, soaps, detergents and other cleaning products
  • The pulp and paper industry, the petroleum industry (extraction of acidic contaminants), rubber, cotton products and textile products
  • The capture of acid gases
  • The stabilization of latex rubber and sodium hypochlorite solutions
  • The treatment of water, certain foods, ores and metals
  • The refining of vegetable oils

The main use of 10% sodium hydroxide is as an analytical dosing agent.

Inspired by text from CNESST website

Industries: Wastewater Treatment, Mining, Agri-Food, Pulp and Paper, Textile, automotive, Hydroelectric, Specialty Chemical Manufacturers, Agricultural Products

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