UBA: Markets

Agri-food/agricultural products

From farm to plate, UBA’s range of products is used in fertilizer manufacturing, food preservation, vegetable oil refining and industrial food production equipment cleaning. UBA has demonstrated its technical expertise in this industry, with numerous customers in the fields of fruit growing, fruit and vegetable wholesale and oilseed processing, to name only a few.


Chemicals and the automotive industry are closely linked, particularly in the manufacture and maintenance of vehicles. Plastics, paint and radiators require chemical properties such as antifreeze, heat transfer, stripping and rustproofing to ensure proper operation and aesthetics.

Heating and cooling

UBA offers products used for heat transfer in heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.


UBA is well aware of electronic assembly constraints and standards inherent to the manufacture of printed circuits, and as such can handle the distribution of products required for the dissolution of copper during the manufacture of electronic equipment, such as ammonium hydroxide. UBA can oversee inventory distribution and management so you can focus on the tasks that you specialize in. Many other products we offer are excellent cleaning agents for electronic equipment.


The main active ingredient in WeedErase and WeedEnder herbicides is acetic acid, a natural chemical compound that is an ideal alternative to synthetic herbicides. The concentrations of acetic acid in the products are exact and can control weeds without causing significant damage to crops. Several nurseries, garden centers and greenhouses use UBA herbicides for their many benefits, including regulation 63/09 compliance and the use of an easily biodegradable organic acid that contains no surfactant and/or admixture.


The main product offered for the hydro industry is sodium hydroxide, used to store solar energy in chemical form.

Specialty Chemical Manufacturers

UBA provides a chemical distribution service for manufacturers of inorganic and organic products that include alkalis, peroxides, acids and chlorides.


UBA is well positioned for the mineral extraction industry, particularly regarding copper, nickel, lead, zinc and metallic ores, by offering products for de-tinning, stripping and descaling, as well as metal and ore processing.

Pulp and paper

UBA serves the pulp and paper industry across Canada by providing chemicals and related services for each stage of production, including alkali sources, bleach and products integrated into chemical pulping processes.

Swimming pools

Shock treatments to remove contaminants, a product to eliminate and prevent algae, a sanitizer to clean water and agents to balance/optimize water quality: UBA offers several chemicals for pool and spa contractors, wholesalers and retailers. A must in this industry is undoubtedly JAVELO, sodium hypochlorite manufactured entirely at a state-of-the-art plant with world-class manufacturing systems in the Beauharnois Industrial Park [Chloretec, UBA’s sister company]. UBA ensures the quality of its product and the quantities produced and is able to react quickly to specific customer requests [just-in-time delivery, product concentration % and formats], to customers’ entire satisfaction.


Textile and knitting mills have been relying on UBA for several years for products used as bleaches and dyes, as well as for the purchase and distribution of products used in the transformation process of synthetic textiles and in the synthesis of flame retardants for textiles.

Wastewater treatment

UBA offers products to the industrial sector and municipal services for disinfection, coagulation, flocculation, corrosion and odor control, pH control, foam control, etc.

Treatment of contaminated soil

UBA offers products to the industrial sector and municipal services for filtration, clarification, oxidation, disinfection, fluoridation, pH control, etc.