Acetic Acid

Supply and distribution

UBA supplies many concentrations and formats of acetic acid to various industries. Acetic acid is a synthetic carboxylic acid that easily decomposes when rinsed. Many industries benefit from the uses of acetic acid for its antibacterial and antifungal properties.

As experts in chemical distribution, UBA offers a variety of services like delivery and packaging so customers can focus on their core activities. Experience stress-free chemical supply thanks to UBA.

Chemical formula of acetic acid: CH3COOH

Synonyms: Acetic acid can also be known as Ethylic acid or Methanecarboxylic acid

WEEDENDER : 6% concentrated acetic acid

Weedender is a non-selective 6% acetic-acid-based herbicide, the ideal concentration for consumer grade applications. Weedender is safe for concrete, paving stones and waterside areas. This concentration of acetic acid, which helps weed control, is used by many garden centres, pool owners and nurseries. This product is regulation 63/09 compliant and is easily biodegradable.  

UBA supplies Weedender, 6% concentrated acetic acid, in 20 litre delcans, drums and tanks.

WEEDERASE : 20% concentrated acetic acid

The main active ingredient of our Weederase herbicide is 20% concentrated acetic acid, a natural chemical compound that has proven to be an ideal replacement for synthetic herbicides. The concentration of acetic acid in the product makeup helps control weeds without causing damage to the environment. Weederase is regulation 63/09 compliant and breaks down easily when rinsed thoroughly. 

UBA supplies Weederase, 20% concentrated acetic acid in 20 litre delcans, drums and totes.

Other concentrations of acetic acid distributed by UBA

UBA also supplies additional concentrations of acetic acid: 56%, 80%, 92% and glacial acetic acid to be more precise.

Thanks to our chemical distribution know-how, we ensure distribution for all concentrations of acetic acid. Our private fleet can safely supply you with bulk and partial-bulk volumes. Other smaller formats are also available.

Highly concentrated acetic acid can be used as a raw material in the manufacture of several products [solvents, ethyl acetate, etc.]. In photography [photo development process], textile [tannery printing and dyeing], electronics [cleaning solutions in semiconductor manufacturing] and agri-food [food preservative] industries.

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