With over 60 years of experience in safe chemical management and distribution, UBA understands the benefits of chemicals for industrial businesses. Swimming pool, spa and landscaping contractors, metal fabricating plants, food processing plants, textile mills, and water treatment plants have one thing in common: they all need high-quality chemicals in large quantities.

In addition to offering high quality chemicals, UBA provides safe chemical distribution solutions. Knowing that customers in various markets need to focus on their core business to succeed, UBA strives to provide safe, turnkey chemical distribution services and peace of mind every time.

Pool, spa, and landscaping contractors

From shock treatments to get rid of contaminants and products used to remove and prevent algae, to sanitizers that clean water and agents that balance pH, UBA offers chemicals used for a variety of applications in the pool and spa industry. UBA’s flagship product for this industry is undoubtedly JAVELO, sodium hypochlorite that is entirely manufactured in a state-of-the-art factory using world-class production systems [by Chloretec, UBA’s sister company]. 

Chemicals for Pool, Spa and Landscaping contractors

UBA can therefore ensure high-quality product and react quickly to meet specific customer requirements. Just-in-time delivery and custom product concentrations and formats are also available. UBA also supplies this industry with acetic-acid-based products: WeedErase and WeedEnder. These products ensure environmentally friendly weed control and are safe for concrete, paving stones, and waterside areas.

chemical and industrial Manufacturers and distributors

The automotive industry widely uses chemicals, particularly in vehicle manufacturing and maintenance. Plastics, paint, and radiators rely on chemical properties including heat transfer, stripping, and rustproofing to keep them in working condition and looking good. 

Industrie automobile

UBA also provides chemical distribution services for a wide range of manufacturers of organic and inorganic products. These types of businesses typically require alkaline products, peroxidesacids, and chlorides for their maintenance or manufacturing processes.

Environmental solutions

UBA offers chemicals for filtration, oxidation, disinfection, fluorination, and pH control. These products can be useful for industries that need to process residual materials from operational or manufacturing operations. Mines, paper mills, and municipalities use these products for water and wastewater treatment, disinfection, contaminated soil treatment, coagulation, and flocculation, as well as for corrosion, odor, pH, and foam control.

Water treatment chemicals

other industries

UBA plays an essential role in multiple industries. Keep in mind that UBA provides chemical products and services to many other industries beyond those mentioned. Contact a chemical distribution expert to learn more.

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