UBA: Health, Safety and Environment

Santé, sécurité et environnement, UBA

Providing a safe and healthy workplace for employees by controlling hazards with quality processes, equipment and training, in accordance with legislative requirements and safe work procedures is at the heart of UBA’s health, safety and environment policy. Being a chemical supplier that meets and exceeds customer requirements in an ethical, professional and diligent manner is part of the company employees’ day-to-day work.

Qualified personnel trained for every event

UBA is proud to have highly qualified drivers who have the technical expertise and training to distribute each product. With a strong focus on customers and health, safety and the environment, courtesy and proactivity about their time management, UBA drivers perform partial load deliveries using a pump, rather than compressed air as several other distribution companies do. This method ensures precise delivery of ordered quantities and safe transfers, because trailers don’t have to be depressurized after unloading.

Prior to the founding of UBA, two distribution methods were available to customers: products could be received in bulk or in boilers, drums or other small tote formats. Handling was laborious, increased the risk of accidents, led to significant investments in storage systems, and, in some cases, called for additional storage space.

UBA’s solution: install tanks sized to customer demand directly on-site. Handling totes is no longer necessary. Tanks are directly connected to customers’ manufacturing processes. Deliveries are carried out by trained employees and warehousing systems are systematically maintained and inspected.

Founding Member of Responsible Care Canada (DRC)

UBA is a founding member of the Canadian Chemical Distributors Association, which was created in 1988. The ISO standard is based on the Responsible Distribution program, which ensures that members conduct audits in a rigorous and independent manner. The Mississauga and Vaudreuil facilities are RD-21 certified, the latest valid certification.

Services and benefits

  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Subscription to a liability insurance policy