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Déglaçant, de-icing, ice melter, Somavrac C.C

Mistral – the new line of innovative ice melters from Somavrac C.C.

With winter upon us, Somavrac C.C. is proud to announce the launch of its new line of ice melters: Mistral. Available in two innovative formulas,
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Pâtes et papier

Caustic soda, a basic chemical for all your transformations

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a highly powerful and versatile base. It is a popular chemical thanks to its high alkalinity, which
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L’acide chlorhydrique : un produit chimique aux multiples usages

Hydrochloric acid: a chemical product with many uses

Hydrochloric acid is a powerful acid that facilitates a multitude of tasks in a reliable and efficient way. It is particularly well suited to meet
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Saint Lawrence Gateway au Breakbulk Americas Houston

Saint Lawrence Gateway at Breakbulk Americas Houston

A consortium of companies from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec [Groupe Somavrac, Transport Bellemare International, Port de Trois-Rivières,Transport Chaîné, Logistec and Genesee & Wyoming] will be attending the Breakbulk Americas event October 2nd to
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Propylène Glycol et Éthylène Glycol Pour Systèmes de Refroidissement

Glycols and cooling systems: which chemical best suits your needs?

Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are part of the “diol” chemical family, which consists of fairly common compounds. The low density of propylene glycol and
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Trioxyde de chrome, oxydant, UBA, préserver le bois, pour passivation, pour chromage de différents métaux

Chromic acid: an extremely powerful oxidant

Chromium trioxide, or chromic acid is a compound with a strong presence and popularity on the market, particularly because of its oxidizing properties. As an
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Peroxyde d'hydrogene , UBA

Hydrogen peroxide: a versatile natural compound used in many industries

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest compound in the peroxide family. The compound is naturally present in all living things because of the role it plays
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Impartition logistique, Groupe Somavrac

10 reasons to outsource your logistics

In order to ensure competitiveness, some companies opt for a logistics outsourcing strategy. Listed below are reasons for which companies choose to implement such a
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Don’t delay – ask for your dust suppressant quote today!

Get a head start on summer and contact Somavrac C.C. today for your dust suppressant quote.  Although we’re experiencing frigid temperatures and summer still seems
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