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Groupe Somavrac is a strategic partner in the sale and distribution of chemicals. Groupe Somavrac’s expertise in responsible distribution enables us to provide the safest service possible. Groupe Somavrac can design and install tanks connected directly to customer manufacturing processes. As well as managing product inventory, Groupe Somavrac offers a wide range of products and sizes. Whether the products are alkalis, peroxides, acids, or chlorides, the distribution circuit is safe, reliable, and flexible. Trust a team of experts for all your chemical management needs .

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chemical products

UBA, a Groupe Somavrac subsidiary, is the chemical distribution partner you have been looking. With  60 plus years of experience in the safe distribution of chemicals, UBA is the strategic partner for your chemical needs. Trust UBA’s chemical distribution expertise for your needs in acides, bases or specialized products. 


dust supressants and deicers

Somavrac C.C., a Groupe Somavrac subsidiary, is the reference in sales and distribution of dust suppressants and de-icers. Somavrac C.C. offers a range of products suitable both for summer or winter seasons. Our main focus is to offer personalized products which can help our customers focus safely on their core activites.

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solutions chimiques industrie des piscines, chemical solutions pool industry, UBA

UBA chemical solutions for the pool industry

Following the construction of its own sodium hypochlorite (Javelo™) plant in Beauharnois in 2012, UBA quickly became a leader in chemical distribution for the swimming
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Déglaçant, de-icing, ice melter, Somavrac C.C

Mistral – the new line of innovative ice melters from Somavrac C.C.

With winter upon us, Somavrac C.C. is proud to announce the launch of its new line of ice melters: Mistral. Available in two innovative formulas,
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Propylène Glycol et Éthylène Glycol Pour Systèmes de Refroidissement

Glycols and cooling systems: which chemical best suits your needs?

Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are part of the “diol” chemical family, which consists of fairly common compounds. The low density of propylene glycol and
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