Propylene Glycol

Distribution of propylene glycol

Propylene glycol is a synthetic liquid chemical product frequently used in the heating and cooling industry (HVAC). Propylene glycol is a safe chemical that is frequently used in coolers that are made to produce or preserve goods for human consumption, such as beverages. Propylene glycol distributed by UBA is compatible with most refrigeration systems in the market today.

UBA is a Canadian chemical distributor based in Ontario and Quebec which supplies various chemical solutions to multiple industries. Our thorough knowledge in safe chemical distribution combined to our high environmental standards make us the perfect propylene glycol supplier. Trust UBA for your chemical supply requirements.

Chemical formula: C3H8O2

Synonyms: Monopropylene glycol

UBA, a propylene glycol supplier

Primarily used in the manufacture of unsaturated polyester resins, propylene glycol is also a component of many products such as antifreeze formulas, coolants, hydraulic fluids, de-icing fluids, lubricants, etc. This chemical is also used as a solvent for food colours and flavours, and in the paint and plastic industries. In addition to having several uses, propylene glycol is also readily biodegradable

UBA supplies industrial and technical grade propylene glycol in the following sizes: tote pails and drums. Since 1956, UBA has been a solid chemical distributor, well known for its safe chemical management, reliability and excellent customer service.

Our chemical distribution services and our reputation for prompt chemical management make us the chemical distribution partners you’ve been looking to do business with. We offer other related chemical distribution services such as chemical distribution for bulk and partial bulk volumes for various chemicals, packaging and private labelling as well as tailored chemical storage systems a variety of markets

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