UBA, distributeur de produits chimiques, chemical distributor

22 November 2018

UBA Fact Check : 5 facts you should be aware of !

UBA is more than a chemical distributor specializing in the delivery of full or partial loads; it’s a strategic partner for your chemical needs. Read on to learn more about UBA.

  1. Sixty Plus Years of Distribution Experience:
    Since 1956, UBA has been meeting companies requirements for chemical products by offering trusted solutions to meet customers’ standards. Their expertise in the safe distribution of partial bulk chemicals, combined with their extensive experience in placement of storage systems to meet customers regulatory requirements makes UBA the most viable option in the industry today.
  2. UBA Distributes 100% Canadian Produced Sodium Hypochlorite:
    In addition to distributing a variety of acid and alkali products serving a diverse customer base, UBA manufactures sodium hypochlorite. For almost ten years now, UBA has been sourcing sodium hypochlorite (Javelo) from its own manufacturing plant, Chloretec, located in Beauharnois, Quebec.
  3. A Subsidiary of Groupe Somavrac:
    UBA is one of the twelve subsidiaries of Groupe Somavrac, a logistics handler specialized in the management of solid and liquid bulk products. Groupe Somavrac is based in Trois-Rivières and employs nearly 500 people. Its expertise throughout the supply chain makes it possible to integrate product management techniques for UBA’s valued customers, delivering quality products at a competitive cost in a timely manner.
  4. Proactive Transportation Services:
    The strategic positioning of UBA (Mississauga, Oakville, and Vaudreuil-Dorion) supports a distribution network that extends from Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime provinces and the North Eastern United States. Its private fleet of trailers allows for efficient scheduling of customer delivery requirements to reduce lead times and assists in managing inventory requirements. In addition, each trailer is assigned to a specific chemical product, supporting both quality and safety for each product movement while reducing risk.
  5. Founding Member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC):
    UBA is one of the founding companies of RDC (Responsible Distribution Canada), which ensures that its members conduct rigorous, third-party independent audits of EQHS processes. UBA also proudly displays the Responsible Care symbol on each asset, as a reminder to all that their core principles of protection of the environment, and the health and safety of others come first.