L’acide chlorhydrique : un produit chimique aux multiples usages

22 August 2019

Hydrochloric acid: a chemical product with many uses

Hydrochloric acid is a powerful acid that facilitates a multitude of tasks in a reliable and efficient way. It is particularly well suited to meet several needs in the industrial sector.

Available as an aqueous solution, hydrochloric acid is made from hydrogen chloride gas. This chemical product, which is distributed by UBA, is a simple and highly versatile hydracid, due to its very low molecular weight and pronounced acidity.

Hydrochloric acid solutions with high concentration can reach a pH of up to -1. This product, due to its low pH solves many of the problems encountered in a number of industries such as metallurgy, surface treatment, petrochemicals, water treatment and mining.

Hydrochloric acid areas of application

In the metallurgy and surface treatment industries, hydrochloric acid can easily strip several metals, alloys and steels. It easily destroys the undesirable oxide layer that can form on the surface of these materials.

This product makes it a preferred reagent for the petrochemical industry acidifying oil wells.

As hydrochloric acid contains chlorine, this acid is a suitable precursor for the synthesis of ferric chloride for water treatment and PVC synthesis. Hydrochloric acid can also be used to neutralize basic and alkaline waste prior to its release into the environment.

Formats and concentrations distributed by UBA

UBA offers two standard concentrations of hydrochloric acids to its customers: 29%, 31.45%. Depending on customer requirements, UBA can also offer various dilutions for this product. This product is available in a multiple format including in bulk, semi-bulk, totes, drums delcans, 4L and 1L containers.

Purchase hydrochloric acid or learn more about this versatile chemical

UBA is a chemical distributor for Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States with a diversified distribution network. This has contributed to its positioning as an expert in the delivery of packaged product as well as bulk and partial bulk chemical supply. To receive a quotation for hydrochloric acid contact a sales representative here .