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UBA supplies Canadian companies with chromic acid (chromium trioxide).  Chromic acid is a popular compound, particularly because of its oxidizing properties. As an extremely powerful oxidant, chromium trioxide readily reacts with organic matter to oxidize it, giving it the ability to neutralize potential pathogens and organic contaminants.

As experts in chemical distribution, UBA offers chemical distribution services like safe chemical delivery, packaging and private labelling.

  • Chemical formula of acetic acid: CrO3
  • Synonyms: Chromic anhydride, Chromium (VI) oxide, Chromium trioxide, Chromic Acid.


  • Extremely powerful oxidant
  • Available in liquid and solid formats
  • High purity
  • Stable and consistent quality product
  • Possibility of warehousing for quick shipment (with client


  • Oxidizer used in surface treatment (e.g. plating of metals or
    application of paint containing chromium)
  • Ability to render metals inactive to corrosion phenomena


Chromic acid is frequently used in these sectors :

  • Surface treatment
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry


  • UBA is the exclusive distributor of Elementis, the only North
    American manufacturer of chromic acid
  • Distribution in 25 kg and 50 kg containers

UBA, a chromic acid supplier

UBA supplies many industries in Canada with Chromic Acid. Chromic Acid distributed by UBA is available in 25kg and 50 kg bins. UBA is the exclusive distributor for Elementis, the only North American manufacturer of chromic acid. UBA stands out for its specialization in the sale of drummed and packaged chemicals, as well as its expertise in the delivery of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals.

Several industries benefit from the chemical proprieties of chromium trioxide, including surface finishing and coating, either in metal plating or the application of paint containing chromium. Coating metals with chromium compounds is very important for the automotive and aerospace industries because chromium trioxide adds strength to any structure it covers, making it more resistant and durable.

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