UBA, Ferric Chloride distributor

UBA supplies may industries with ferric chloride an inorganic chemical compound frequently used as an oxidizing agent in wastewater treatment or in the production of drinking water. Ferric chloride is also used in the circuit board and electronics industry to attack copper and in the textile industry.  

UBA offers a variety of services such as private labelling, additive tolling, and specialty blends to name a few. Safe chemical management and distribution is UBA’s main concern.   

  • Chemical formula of ferric chloride: FeCl3
  • Synonyms of ferric chloride: Ferric chloride, Ferric chloride anhydrous, Ferric chloride anhydrous, Iron trichloride

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UBA is a reputable Canadian chemical distributor located in the provinces of Ontario and of Quebec. Distributing 28 main chemicals since 1956, UBA has acquired a well-deserved reputation for safety and thoroughness in chemical distribution.  

UBA supplies ferric chloride in totes, drums, delcans, pails, 1 litre and 500 ml containers in the following concentrations and specificities:

  • ferric chloride in solution (for drinking water)
  • ferric chloride 42 and 48 °be in solution
  • ferric chloride in solution (for water treatment)

If you require ferric chloride in other concentrations or formats or if you need this product for another application or industry than those enlisted in this description, please, do not hesitate to contact one of UBA’s chemical distribution experts.

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