Ammonium Hydroxide supply and distribution

Ammonium hydroxide is a colourless aqueous solution of ammonia distributed by UBA. UBA is an important chemical distributor based in Canada, specifically in the provinces of Ontario and Quebec. Specialized in safe chemical management for over 60 years, UBA knows well and about chemical products and distribution and thus offers specialized and adapted services to its customers.

  • Chemical Formula of ammonium hydroxide: NH4OH
  • Synonyms of ammonium hydroxide: Ammonia solution, ammonia solution in water with 27 to 30% ammonia, ammonia monohydrate, ammonium hydrate, ammonium hydroxide, aqua ammonia, spirit of hartshor, ammonia.

Ammonium Hydroxide Concentrations and Formats

UBA supplies 29.4% concentrated ammonium hydroxide to industries such as water and wastewater treatment, agri-food, pulp and paper and chemical manufacturing. This product is available in the following formats: bulk, partial bulk, totes, and drums.  

Ammonium hydroxide has many different applications. For example, this product can be used in manufacturing products such as fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, photographic products, food products, dyes, explosives, plastics, adhesives, and gelatin. Ammonium hydroxide is also used as solvent for copper, in ore processing and in detaining stripping and descaling meals.

Please note that other applications than these enlisted may exist for this product and that other industries need ammonium hydroxide in their manufacturing processes. Do not hesitate to contact a chemical distribution expert if you have any questions.

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