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Safe distribution of nitric acid

UBA is a chemical distributor based in Ontario and Quebec. Suppling numerous industries in eastern Canada and United States, UBA is well known for its safe distribution methods.

Nitric acid, a corrosive and potentially toxic chemical when inhaled, is part of the products UBA supplies. Considering this, nitric acid is a chemical that needs to be handled by experts. Trust UBA, founding member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC) for your nitric acid requirements.

  • Formula of nitric acid: HNO3
  • Synonyms of nitric acid: Hydrogen nitrate, auqua fortis, sprint of niter


  • Strong acid
  • High concentration (67.7%)
  • Purest nitric acid available on the market


Here are some examples of common nitric acid functions :

  • Manufacture of organic nitrates
  • Explosives Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Product Manufacturing
  • Photographic Product Manufacturing
  • Fertilizer Manufacturing
  • Cleaning product manufacturing
  • Chemical Pickling
  • Gold Purification


Nitric acid is frequently used in these sectors :

  • Mining
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Automotive
  • Specialty Chemical Manufacturers
  • Agricultural Products
  • Cleaning Products


  • UBA has been an expert in chemical distribution for over 60 years.
  • UBA supplies this 67.7% concentrated product in bulk, semibulk, totes, drums and barrels (multiple formats)
  • Also possible to supply the product in other concentrations

Nitric acid concentrations and formats

UBA supplies 67.7% concentrated nitric acid in bulk, partial-bulk, totes, drums and kegs. Upon request, UBA can offer other concentrations and formats.

Nitric acid is mostly used in the manufacturing of organic nitrates. This chemical is also used in other industries such as in the manufacturing fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, photographic products, explosives and many different organic chemicals. Certain oxidation and nitration processes also benefit from the use of this acid.  

Industries that use or may need nitric acid: Mining, Agri-Food, Automotive, Specialty Chemical Manufacturers, Circuit Board/Electronics, Agricultural Products. Please not that if your industry isn’t mentioned in this list but still requires nitric acid, you can ask a chemical distribution expert!

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