Potassium Hydroxide


Commonly called caustic potash or lye, UBA supplies potassium hydroxide, an organic chemical compound, in flakes (solid) or liquid forms. This base is used for pH adjustment and control in many industries. Potassium hydroxide is also frequently used in many different manufacturing processes, in the capture and neutralization of acids, and in food, metal and ore treatment.  

UBA is a trusted Canadian chemical distributor based in Ontario and in Quebec. Specializing in safe chemical management and distribution for over 60 years now, UBA offers chemical solutions tailored to the requirements of the industries dealt with.  

  • Chemical formula of potassium hydroxide: KOH 
  • Synonyms of potassium: lye, caustic potash, aqueous solution of potassium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide in aqueous solution, potassium hydroxide flakes, solid potassium hydroxide

Solid potassium hydroxide [flakes]

Available in 25kg bags, solid potassium hydroxide flakes are 90% concentrated. Solid caustic potash is easier to handle and can be shipped to any of your facilities easily. Solid potassium hydroxide is particularly used in the manufacture of potassium-based inorganic chemicals and in other industries who needs a safe product for pH control.

Liquid potassium hydroxide

UBA supplies industries such as mining, agri-food, pulp and paper, contaminated soil treatment, specialty chemical manufacturers and agricultural products with 45% concentrated liquid potassium hydroxide. UBA offers a safe chemical distribution service in the following formats: bulk, partial bulk, totes, delcans, pails and drums.

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