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One of the largest distributors of semi-bulk and packaged sodium hypochlorite in Quebec since 1984, JBF specializes in the bottling and distribution of chemicals and sanitary products intended mainly for the agricultural, maple, and food processing industries, as well as for water treatment plants and swimming pools. JBF is a supplier of choice thanks to the wide range of its products and formats, combined with flexible and rapid delivery throughout Eastern Canada.


From cleaning products to sanitizers and accessories, JBF has what it takes for the effective maintenance of evaporator pans, sap tubing, and other maple production equipment. Available throughout Quebec, discover our range of value-added maple syrup products here:


With its in-depth knowledge of the industry, JBF is one of the largest independent distributors of sanitary products, insecticides and accessories for the agricultural industry in Quebec. Available throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario, discover our line of dairy equipment cleaners and sanitizers, as well as our value-added products for udder hygiene.


JBF also offers chemicals including acetic acid, hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid and sodium hypochlorite. Click on the button below to learn more about our chemicals.


Our various product lines are available throughout Quebec and Eastern Ontario. Check out our interactive map for points of sale.

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