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Hydrogen Peroxide is an oxidizing chemical frequently used as a bleaching or cleaning agent in the pulp and paper, textile or commercial/industrial laundry  industries. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, hydrogen peroxide is also used as a sanitizing agent or in the water treatment domain and many other industries who need a safe chemical for cleaning necessities. Hydrogen peroxide is also commonly used in agricultural greenhouses thanks to its powerful antibacterial properties allowing it to neutralize various agricultural diseases. 

UBA is a safe chemical distributor who services many areas in eastern Canada and northeastern United States. With over 60 years of experience, UBA a strategic partner for your hydrogen peroxide requirements.

  • Chemical formula of hydrogen peroxide: H2O2
  • Synonyms of hydrogen peroxide: Hydrogen dioxide, perhydrol, oxydol  


  • Environmental product
  • High oxidizing power (powerful oxidizer)
  • Excellent antibacterial properties
  • Approved for wastewater treatment
  • Does not generate toxic by-products (e.g. chloramines,
    haloacetic acids, trihalomethane) (versus chlorine and bromine)


  • Pulp and Paper:
    • Hydrogen Peroxide acts as a bleaching agent
  • Textiles:
    • Peroxide is used to bleach textiles that will be used for
      white clothing
  • Following its reaction, the oxidant is transformed into water and
  • Antibacterial properties to neutralize various agricultural
    diseases (e.g. rhizoctonia and fusarium spot)
  • Wastewater:
    • Control of filamentous bacteria in wastewater
    • Odor control
    • Destruction of certain regulated contaminants (ex:
    • Decrease in chemical oxygen demand (COD)
  •  Soil and groundwater decontamination by chemical oxidation:
    • Destruction of hydrocarbons and other solvents


  • The pulp and paper industry
  • The textile industry (laundries, industrial cleaners)
  • Water treatment
  • Agricultural greenhouses
  • Soil and groundwater decontamination


  • UBA has been distributing hydrogen peroxide from major North
    American manufacturers for several decades
  • UBA is a leader in the distribution and supply of chemicals such
    as hydrogen peroxide throughout Ontario and the Quebec
  • UBA can deliver hydrogen peroxide in barrel, drum, semi-bulk
    and full bulk quantities
  • UBA is able to offer hydrogen peroxide in several concentrations

UBA, a Hydrogen Peroxide supplier

UBA supplies 35% and 50% concentrated hydrogen peroxide in the following volumes: bulk, partial bulk, totes, drums and kegs. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective chemical solution for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. If you need an oxidizer, a bleaching agent, an antiseptic, a laundry detergent or a disinfectant: hydrogen peroxide may be what you need.

With a strong focus on customers and health, safety and the environment, UBA’s drivers perform partial and full load deliveries using a pump, rather than compressed air. This method ensures precise delivery of ordered quantities and safe transfers in a proactive manner. UBA also offers other chemical services to provide you peace of mind and so you can focus on your main activities

**If your industry or application isn’t listed in this description and still need this product, don’t hesitate to ask our experts.

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