Custom packaging and private labelling

services for chemical products

UBA offers a private custom labelling service as well as a variety of formats depending on your requirements. The benefits of outsourcing your private labelling projects to experts like us are:

  • Ability to focus on your core business
  • Simplifying the process of managing chemicals, formats, blends, and dilutions
  • Working with a leading North American distributor to whom quality and compliance are a priority.

With 65 years of chemical management expertise, UBA knows what is best in terms of supply chain methodology, owns the facilities, offers the operational flexibility to adapt to your needs. UBA has the knowledge to safely offer custom private labelling and packaging options. 

Private labelling

We understand quality comes first in the chemical distribution industry. You can trust we offer quality chemical products for your brand.

Custom packaging

UBA offers diverse packaging options, from as large as 1000 litres to as small as 1 litre containers, depending on your requirements. We also provide corrugated shipping containers that meet strict transportation of dangerous goods regulations.

Tolling additives

UBA has the operational flexibility to offer tolling additives to chemicals for your specific formulations. Please contact our Oakville office or reach out to one of our account managers with your opportunity.


UBA has the expertise to fill pack and ship your chemicals directly to your customer eliminating the need for you to inventory the products on your premises.

In summary, UBA’s in-depth knowledge in sale and management of chemical products can meet your requirements. We can customize the packaging size, labels, and design depending on your standards.