1963: Purchase of Dominion Coal infrastructure
Acquisition of Dominion Coal infrastructure, which marked the start of stevedoring activities and the foundation of Somavrac.

1965: Construction of the first plant
Construction in Trois-Rivières of the first product warehousing and bagging plant for the pulp and paper industry.

1970: Ore exportation contract
Signing of an agreement with an Ontario mining company for the shipping of 125,000 tons of ore to Sweden.

1975: Mechanical service center
Offering transportation services becomes a must to better serve customers. The new fleet of trucks leads to the construction of a mechanical service center.

1976: From dry bulk to liquid
New expertise in the field of liquid products with the construction of a caustic soda tank, leading to the establishment of Servitank.

1985: Servichem
Servichem sets up in Sainte-Catherine to provide bagging and bulk handling services and take advantage of the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

1990: Servitank, Grande-Anse
Construction of a liquid product terminal for customers in the Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and North Shore regions.

1991: Fonbrai, Trois-Rivières
Specialized in the pulp and paper industry, the company hopes to expand its areas of expertise and turns to aluminum smelters with the construction of Fonbrai, to handle coal tar pitch.

1994: Somavrac C.C.
Addition of another element to the range of services: the distribution of calcium-chloride-based products, used mainly as dust suppressants and de-icing agents.

1999: Chemical production plant
Major investment in facility upgrades to enable the manufacturing of sodium hydrosulfite. Groupe Somavrac becomes a full-fledged product manufacturer for the first time in its history.

2000: Fonbrai, Grande-Anse
Installation of three new tanks and a marine channel in Port Saguenay in La Baie.

2001: Acquisition of UBA
Acquisition of UBA, specializing in chemical distribution and providing services complementary to those of Groupe Somavrac, such as partial bulk delivery.

2002: Servitank, Bécancour
Construction of two tanks and pipelines connected to companies of Société du Parc Industriel et Portuaire de Bécancour.

2006: First Servitank expansion in Bécancour
Investment in rail and warehousing facilities to serve a new market – the mining industry.

2007: Acquisition of Sebci
Acquisition of Sebci, specialized in the sale and distribution of magnesium chloride. This acquisition opens new markets and grants Groupe Somavrac access to new products.

2008: Acquisition of Calclo and Porlier Express
Acquisition of Calclo, specialized in selling Québec products and natural brine.
Acquisition of Porlier Express to help consolidate activities focused on the mining industry in the strategic region of the North Shore.

2010: Second Servitank expansion in Bécancour
The arrival of a new customer in the Bécancour Waterfront Industrial Park creates a business opportunity for Servitank. Thus begins the construction of two tanks and the addition of a pipeline connecting the tanks to both the wharf and the customer’s plant.

2012: Chloretec
Construction of a sodium hypochlorite plant, a first for Groupe Somavrac, which manufactures, distributes, and sells the product.

2016: Acquisition of Kencro Chemicals
Acquisition of Kencro Chemicals, whose expertise, strategic positioning, target customers and commitment to health and safety go hand in hand with UBA’s products and services.

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