Our mission is to constantly improve our operations to achieve the primary objectives of sustainable development: respect for our people, our environment, and our community. Our vision is also to act as a responsible corporate entity towards all our stakeholders by taking steps in the right direction.

At Groupe Somavrac, we are constantly innovating our practices to achieve a more sustainable development.




At Groupe Somavrac, our commitment to environmental responsibility means working closely with our stakeholders to integrate sustainability into our operations. We are dedicated to practices that minimize our environmental impact and strengthen our community. We aim to be a strategic partner recognized for our sustainable involvement, contributing to socio-economic development and environmental preservation. Our approach is part of a family vision where innovation and ethics guide our growth and that of our stakeholders.



Integrate sustainability at the heart of our strategy in a transparent way, while reinforcing our commitment as a responsible employer and partner.


Ensure a sustainable economic future by combining innovation and local partnerships for a respectful and lasting growth.


Enable the fulfillment of our stakeholders through an approach focused on respect, fairness, diversity, and well-being. Strengthen our positive impact on our communities by forging a corporate culture conducive to a sustainable and prosperous socio-economic future.


Reduce our environmental impact by reducing our GHG emissions and raising awareness of ecological issues among our stakeholders, thus actively contributing to the protection of our planet for future generations.

We are committed to support our subsidiaries in providing our employees with a healthy and safe working environment that complies with applicable standards. Guiding principles have been established to achieve this objective and to encourage the participation of all. With a view of continuous improvement, we have set up OHS programs to ensure the safety of our people.

At Groupe Somavrac, we do what it takes to make sure our people arrive home safely every night.

Discover our guiding principles...
At Groupe Somavrac, we work upstream to rigorously identify risks to implement strategic actions that ensure the safety of our people.

" Our people are at the heart of our concerns, which is why it's essential for us to have an effective OHS measures management plan to make sure everyone goes home every night. "
At Groupe Somavrac, we work as a team to motivate our troops to implement better monitoring practices to identify risks and ensure a safe and healthy working environment.

"Our OHS vision must be reflected in everyone's attitudes and behavior. It is through this shared value that we are able to look out for each other."
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Environmental protection and sustainable development are at the heart of our concerns. Our aim is to be a proud corporate citizen, helping to protect the environment in a context of sustainable development, and we have integrated a proactive approach into all spheres of our activities.

We are aware that this is a continuous process, so our mission is to constantly improve our environmental performance.

At Groupe Somavrac, we are committed to leaving an environment that meets the needs of future generations.

Discover our tangible environmental actions...
Proud to go beyond requirements, some of our port terminals are members of Green Marine, a voluntary initiative aimed at improving the environmental performance of key players in the shipping industry.

To build on this momentum, we aim to certify our other port terminals one step at a time.

The collaborative approach advocated by the program fits perfectly with our values, enabling the various players in the North American maritime industry to share their best practices with each other.

We are convinced that every action, big or small, will make a difference.

Groupe Somavrac has 12 entities with very different realities and daily lives. That's why we've decided to lead by example with a sustainable development committee at our head office.

The aim of this committee is to encourage our people to apply sustainability principles to their daily lives, starting with the administrative departments of our head office. To equip itself properly and adopt the right measures, the committee received support from the Fondation 3R Durable in 2022 and is currently in the process of obtaining the ECOCERT certification with GROUPÉ initiative.

The committee's primary objectives are to inform and educate our people about sustainable development, raise awareness of best practices, and optimize our current actions.
Groupe Somavrac undertakes to accompany and support its subsidiaries in achieving the following guiding principles:

- Conduct and manage operations in compliance with environmental laws and regulations and other applicable requirements;

- Reduce environmental impacts by identifying the risks arising from activities, manage them effectively and participate in the joint development of corrective measures;

- Collaborate in the determination of realistic and measurable objectives in terms of environment;

- Reinforce environment-friendly practices and provide ongoing and appropriate training to all our employees;

- Shape our development and implement our practices in a responsible and innovative way in order to minimize the impact on the environment, while taking into account the concerns of all our stakeholders;

- Have a sustainable development plan to contribute to the viability of the community by ensuring the safety, quality of living, cultural vitality and social development of our stakeholders;

- Support, practice and promote this policy within the organization.
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Since our very beginnings, we have been proud to redistribute a portion of our earnings to the communities in which we operate. Year after year, we work for causes that are close to our hearts. Having built partnerships with certain organizations, we are able to make a real difference in the daily lives of certain groups.

At Groupe Somavrac, we're proud to contribute to projects that help people GROW.

We invite you to discover some of our achievements...
At Groupe Somavrac...

We contribute to the ever-evolving field of medicine (Fondation de la santé de Trois-Rivières, Quebec Cancer Foundation, etc.).

We promote healthy lifestyle by encouraging sport (teams of our employees and their children).

We are proud to support local teams (Aigles de Trois-Rivières, Lions de Trois-Rivières).

We're a partner in major community projects (play module at Blandine-Neault Park, annual United Way fund-raising campaign, annual book donation for COMSEP youth).

We're a cultural partner (Festivoix).
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