Mission and values

Our Mission :

Thanks to its high level of expertise in safe bulk handling, Groupe Somavrac provides customers with customized products and services with high quality and environmental standards.

Our Values :

Family spirit: human capital underwrites the success of a company. Thanks to the commitment of each individual, the work and know-how is accomplished by a collective effort. It is this cohesion that creates a sense of belonging and helps in achieving the business objectives.

Client focused: the client is at the heart of the company’s concerns. Groupe Somavrac attempts to identify the needs of its customers, to be proactive and to constantly strive for customer satisfaction. In this manner, the company develops optimal and customized services to best respond to the demands and expectations of its clients.

Professionalism and diligence: client satisfaction is a daily and permanent challenge. Groupe Somavrac invests necessary efforts to fine-tune its expertise, to stand out from the competition. Every employee is committed to following the best practices and standards of quality in their area of expertise.

Mission et valeurs, Groupe Somavrac, expertise de haut niveau, manutention sécuritaire de marchandises en vrac, produits et services adaptés