Handling and Transformation

Groupe Somavrac can design, build, and operate terminals or plants to handle, manufacture, or transform products. Favouring a long-term partnership approach, Groupe Somavrac can also support the growth of its customers through the full outsourcing of operations and oversight of capital expenditures. Let us meet your product handling and transformation needs

Manutention et transformation, manufacturier de produits chimiques, transbordement ferroviaire, grande variété de manipulations possibles, services de laboratoires

Specializations and diversification of our handling and transformation services :


Not only can Groupe Somavrac handle a full range of chemicals required for the operations of companies in a variety of industries, but it also offers toll manufacturing services. Products manufactured by Groupe Somavrac are superior in quality and will satisfy the most demanding clienteles.


With 6 terminals that accommodate rail transshipping, Groupe Somavrac can oversee the shipping and receiving of all kinds of products. The strategic geographic location of these terminals helps leverage the use of railways across Quebec and the Maritimes for freight transportation (CN, CP, and the Quebec-Gatineau Railway). Six terminals offering a rail transshipment service : Port-Cartier, La Baie, Bécancour, Trois-Rivières, Ville Sainte-Catherine and Beauharnois.


No matter the type of operations customers wish to delegate, Groupe Somavrac has the necessary expertise to do the work safely and efficiently. Whether it’s preparing solutions, bagging, debagging, transshipping (railcar/truck/tank/pipeline), sifting, drying, or mixing, the Groupe Somavrac team is the ideal partner to get the job done.


Being able to rely on dedicated laboratory services is an undeniable advantage for Groupe Somavrac. Specialists ensure the quality of various chemicals through rigorous testing in a controlled environment.

real-time data

Customers can check inventory and telemetry data using an Extranet platform. Real-time data is available which eases logistic chain management.


Correct product handling and transformation require an in-depth understanding of the substances involved, as well as perfect control over procedures. That’s why Groupe Somavrac provides ongoing training to its employees to ensure they update their skills on a regular basis.

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