Bleu fuzion, déglaçant, Somavrac C.C, de-icing

30 October 2018

Make a difference with Bleu Fuzion

The application of road salt causes “negative repercussions – to different degrees – on aquifers, soil, flora, aquatic and terrestrial fauna and, of course, on infrastructure. “[1]

Reducing the amount of salt deposited on streets and sidewalks is, therefore, essential. Led by the Quebec Strategy for the Environmental Management of Road Salts, Somavrac C.C. develops products that provide “best management practices for road salts while ensuring road safety and maintaining the flow of people.”[2] The characteristics of Bleu-Fuzion have a directly related to the safety aspect. Added to this: efficiency, adherence and economical. This product composed of: magnesium chloride, sugar and blue dye coats each grain of salt. This has the effect of improving their properties at four different levels:

Exothermic reaction 

Bleu-Fuzion significantly increases the exothermic reaction (heat release) of salt. Bleu-Fuzion allows salt to maintain its effectiveness, down to -25 ° C, whilst without Bleu Fuzion, salt is not effective at temperatures below -15 ° C.

Speed of the melting process 

For temperatures slightly below 0, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the salts melting process to begin.[3] If we add to this: cold weather and the dispersion of salt grains in the ditches caused by traffic, the melting process will take further time. Salt does not win the prize for fast melting. The Bleu-Fuzion melting process is instant or faster.

Adherence and safety

Unfortunately, vehicles, pedestrians and heavy vehicles disperse the salt outside the roads surface. In addition to losing salt, the surface loses in safety! Bleu-Fuzion reduces salt losses caused by traffic by 20%. This happens since the salt is wet; it sticks to the road (like a tongue on ice). The blue color of Bleu-Fuzion then allows you to visualize clearly the quantity of product you have spread and observe that the adhesion is a distinctive characteristic of the product.


“There is a Canadian study that shows that for every dollar of salt we put on our roads, we end up with a $ 5 bill of degradation of our underground infrastructure.” Bleu-Fuzion allows you to reduce your salt intake significantly, because it melts ice faster, even at lower temperatures. In addition, Somavrac C.C. offers a prewetting of salt and abrasives on-site service: saving time and money.


“Once the salt is wet (with magnesium chloride), salt acts faster. It is also stickier and tends to stay on the road longer, even when vehicles are driving on it. ” [4]>

Be like Blue-Fuzion and make the difference when it comes to snow removal, by getting the product now!


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