Somavrac C.C. services several Quebec mining companies. To meet their needs in terms of dust suppressants, de-icing agents, or more specific applications such as water treatment pH control or ore carryback, Somavrac C.C. has developed solutions that are well adapted to their harsh environmental conditions. Considering the presence of mining equipment, Somavrac C.C. also offers an optional corrosion inhibitor.

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Industry-specific applications

Dust suppressant

Dust is often generated in mines, particularly by crushing and piling operations. Not only is breathing in dust harmful, but its presence also hinders worker visibility. Using a calcium-chloride-based dust suppressant helps improve worker safety. Dust suppressant use also increases the compaction of unpaved roads to enhance their durability. Several options are available, including with or without corrosion inhibitors, with a natural additive, chloride-free, and more!

Recommended product: Iron Dust & Iron Melt

Ore carryback

During transport, ore deposits can cling to railcar and truck walls, which reduces long-term efficiency. Carryback returns to the mining site, where employees must break it down, a time-consuming and tedious task. There are risks associated with ore clinging to railcars:

  • In terms of employee safety
  • Material damage (load weight)
  • Risk of derailment from the weight of railcars

Recommended product : Iron Dust & Melt

Reduced ore malleability

Lorsque le mercure indique sous zéro, le minerai a tendance à geler, rendant la manutention de ce dernier difficile. Somavrac C.C. recommande donc d’asperger le minerai d’un déglaçant spécialisé qui agira comme traitement préventif pour assurer la malléabilité du minerai en période de grand froid.


Road salt loses its de-icing effectiveness at -12 °C, and so is not suited to the conditions in Quebec mines. Using a de-icer is crucial to maximize the safety of mine workers and equipment on roads.

  • Recommended product: PM-65 (mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride, ideal for heavy vehicle safety in winter conditions)
  • Recommended product: Iron Dust & Iron Melt

pH control

It goes without saying that mining operations require large amounts of water. Somavrac C.C. has developed a product to treat water, specifically control its pH, in harsh winter conditions (down to -25 °C).

Recommended product: Cal-Artic

Case study

Ore carryback problem

Railcar spraying to avoid ore freezing and carryback when unloading

Mining de-icer

Develop a de-icer for customer's private roads and reduce the reconstruction costscost.

Ore carryback problem (chloride-free)

Looking for a product with anti-adhesive properties for railcar bodies

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