Safety is top priority: that’s why Somavrac C.C. has perfected its dust suppressant distribution methods, both in terms of spreading techniques and equipment, to provide customers with dust-free environments.


Depending on their form, Somavrac C.C. dust suppressants can be used to tackle dust problems on

Unpaved surfaces – Gravel walkways and driveways – Bike paths – Parking lots – Golf paths – Tennis courts, baseball diamonds, and campgrounds – Equestrian centers – Gravel road repairs – Mines (crushing and piling operations) – Other similar surfaces


Benefits and specifications of flake form

  • Autonomous/customer application
  • Effective in repairing sporadic damage to gravel roads, such as potholes, and an excellent solution when a second spreading is required
  • Dissolution possible (from solid to liquid state)
  • Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ)
  • Available in bulk (over 10 metric tons) and smaller formats (20, 35, or 1,000 kg)

Product : Xtra85 


Benefits and specifications of liquid form

  • Turnkey spreading service provided by Somavrac C.C. across Quebec
  • Available in bulk, semi-bulk, or 1,000-liter totes


  • Liquidow, 20%-35% concentration liquid calcium chloride.
  • Iron Dust & Iron Melt, calcium chloride for the mining and construction industries, specially developed with a corrosion inhibitor and a nontoxic commercial additive for optimum product performance.
Best known as a dust suppressant, calcium chloride in liquid and flake form is also an excellent road stabilizer to consolidate and stabilize road surfaces.


Somavrac C.C. can provide dust duppressant, de-icers and specialized products that meet your specific needs : talk to a member of our team.