Muncipal Road System

Since 1994, in summer and winter, Somavrac C.C. tankers crisscross Quebec to deliver its de-icing and dust suppressant products to municipalities. A must in municipal services, Somavrac C.C. products are distributed by a team that cares about customer safety and performance requirements.

Industry-specific applications

Dust suppressant

During the summer, the hygroscopic properties of calcium chloride draw moisture from the air to trap it at ground level and prevent dust from rising behind passing vehicles. Two options are available: municipal operators can apply flakes, or liquid application can be provided as a turnkey spreading service.
  • Recommended product: Xtra85 (flakes)
  • Recommended product: Liquidow (liquid)


Does your snow removal plan consider stairways, parking areas, sidewalks, parks, bridges, and overpasses? As places where the risk of falling and incidents is high, it is important to pay close attention to the products and methods used in de-icing these areas.

  • Product recommended for its ground adhesion: Bleu Fuzion
  • Product recommended for its instant melting power: Peladow

Liquid abrasive treatment

Spraying your road salt and abrasives (sand) with a calcium-chloride-based product is vital to effectively fight against ice and snow. The difference is indisputable: salt or granular materials that have been pretreated with calcium chloride are more effective than dry materials, as calcium chloride accelerates the melting process and reduces the amount of product required.

Recommended product: Xtragrip

Case study

Municipality of St-Valérien

Mix of salt and gravel, ideal for asphalt roads (no gravel)

Municipality of Saint-Étienne-des-Grès

Mix of sand, salt, and liquid using an automated on-site mixer


Installation of an on-site 40,000-liter buffer tank for liquid de-icer storage (29.6% concentration calcium chloride with corrosion inhibitor) for proactive spreader truck refills

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