Electronic Spreader Control

Spreading calcium chloride as a dust suppressant may avoid stirring up dust, but it does raise questions, particularly about volume. Here are a few. How
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Accuracy of Liquid Calcium Chloride Concentrations

Hygroscopic effect Liquid calcium chloride is often used as a dust suppressant on gravel roads in summertime. How does the product trap dust? Calcium chloride
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Six steps to successful stabilization

Here is how to prepare your gravel road before the tank arrives to apply dust suppressant. Benefits of stabilization 30% increase in road lifespan Durability
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Déglaçant, de-icing, ice melter, Somavrac C.C

Mistral – the new line of innovative ice melters from Somavrac C.C.

With winter upon us, Somavrac C.C. is proud to announce the launch of its new line of ice melters: Mistral. Available in two innovative formulas,
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Peladow, déglaçant, de-icing, ice melter, Somavrac C.C

PELADOW™ keeps you safe in winter

How can you keep your facilities safe in winter? Somavrac C.C., a seasoned distributor of high-performance dust suppressants and de-icing agents, has the answer: its
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Déglaçants, abats-poussière, Somavrac C.C, de-icing, ice melter, dust suppressants

Seven reasons to do business with Somavrac C.C.

Somavrac C.C. is the leader in calcium chloride distribution in Québec. Known by municipalities for its dust suppressants and de-icing agents, Somavrac C.C. is a
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Bleu fuzion, déglaçant, Somavrac C.C, de-icing

Make a difference with Bleu Fuzion

The application of road salt causes “negative repercussions – to different degrees – on aquifers, soil, flora, aquatic and terrestrial fauna and, of course, on
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Abat-poussière, dust

The benefits of a second application of dust suppressant

Did you know that calcium chloride absorbs moisture from the air? It is thanks to this absorption, also called hygroscopic effect, that the dust remains
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Calcium chloride in nine questions

Well aware that informed customers will benefit from the effectiveness of the product, we made a list of frequently asked questions to help with your
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