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The products Somavrac C.C. distributes cover four main types of application: dust suppressants, de-icers, liquid de-icing treatment solutions, and specialized products. Perfectly adaptable to many situations, these applications meet the requirements of a wide range of industries. Contact one of our experts if you have any questions regarding our product applications.

Applications : Dust supressant

Dust problems can arise in various situations and for several reasons. The dust suppressants
Somavrac C.C. offers make it possible to

  • Remove dust that may be harmful to road safety
  • Remove dust that can be harmful to the health and safety of workers, e.g. during piling or crushing operations

Applications : De-icing agents

De-icers are products that melt ice, snow, or frost in very cold conditions. Depending on the range, form, or concentration, these products react in different ways to make the following applications possible :

  • De-ice roads, sidewalks, and steps to ensure a safe environment
  • Treat machinery or truck bodies to prevent damage associated with cold climates or sand or mineral carryback
  • Ease soil drilling in wintertime or when the ground is frozen
  • Thaw pipes or tubes


Specialized products can be used in various markets for many other purposes:

  • Ballasting the weight of tires
  • Preserving food
  • Plugging leaks, which can be useful during maintenance of hydroelectric dams

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