De-icers are products that promote ice melting in very cold temperatures. Somavrac C.C. offers a wide range of de-icers to match the weather conditions and environment its customers operate in.

Peladow, déglaçant, de-icing, ice melter, Somavrac C.C

Depending on their form, Somavrac C.C. de-icing agents can be used to tackle ice problems on

Stairs – Hills (road and pedestrian) – Sidewalks – Road systems – Parking lots – Logging roads – Underground mines – Truck bodies (to avoid sand or ore carryback) – Other similar surfaces


Benefits and specifications of flake form

  • Easy storage (bulk and bagged formats available)
  • Autonomous/customer application
  • Versatile use in both summer and winter conditions
  • Can be mixed to sodium chloride, sand, or gravel to improve performance
  • Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ)


  • Xtra85
  • PM-65, mix of calcium chloride and sodium chloride


Benefits and specifications of liquid form

  • Pre-wetting agent for road salt
  • Can be sprayed into bulk truck bodies as an anti-adhesive


  • Liquidow, 20%-35% concentration liquid calcium chloride
  • Iron Dust & Iron Melt, calcium chloride for the mining and construction industries, specially developed with a corrosion inhibitor and a nontoxic commercial additive for optimum product performance
  • Xtragrip, de-icing agent to mix into abrasive piles (salt and stone)
Chlorure de calcium, traitement de piles d’abrasif/sel, Xtragrip, Somavrac C.C


Benefits and specifications of pellet form

  • Superior quality: process and melting power (super de-icer)
  • Rounded shape means ideal penetration in contact with ice

Products : Peladow, 90% concentration calcium chloride pellets

Chlorure de calcium, billes, PELADOW, puissant déglaçant, Somavrac C.C


Benefits and specifications of treated salt

  • Significant improvement of salt performance: effectiveness at low temperatures, ground adhesion (with or without traffic) and melting speed


Bleu fuzion, sel déglaçant, Somavrac C.C, de-icing, chlorure de calcium, agent de préhumidification


Somavrac C.C. can provide dust duppressant, de-icers and specialized products that meet your specific needs : talk to a member of our team.