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29 November 2018

7 actions Groupe Somavrac has taken to reduce its ecological footprint

Since environmental innovation is one of the company’s priorities, Groupe Somavrac is constantly looking for ways to improve its ecological footprint. Here are some of the concrete actions it has taken to this end.


1. Environment week:

In celebration of Earth Day on April 22nd, the company hosts an annual Environment Week. This year, four activities were organized over the course of the week to teach employees how to reduce their ecological footprint, including a composting workshop, a veganism workshop, tips and tricks to reduce their ecological footprint, etc.


2. Rigorous compliance audits:

Groupe Somavrac’s Health, Safety and Environment department rigorously audits processes in place to ensure that all environmental standards are met and surpassed.


3. Crisis simulations:

Several crisis simulations are conducted each year to prepare employees to act quickly in the event of an environmental crisis, thereby limiting associated damages.


4. Recycling programs for paper, cardboard, batteries, cell phones, fluorescent tubes and obsolete electronic equipment:

In addition to recycling paper and cardboard, boxes are available for Groupe Somavrac employees to discard used batteries. Fluorescent tubes are routed to one of the 6 drop-off points of the RecycFluo program in the Mauricie region, and computer equipment is sent to specialized recycling companies.


5. Crisis management plan:

Groupe Somavrac’s crisis management plan calls for communication with the Ministry of Environment as soon as an incident occurs to limit any impact on the environment.


6. Members of the Green Marine program:

Subsidiaries Servitank (Plant 16) and Porlier are members of Green Marine, an environmental program for ports and terminals. The following performance indicators track the issues the program addresses: greenhouse gases and air pollutants, leak and spill prevention, solid bulk handling and storage, harmonization of uses, environmental leadership and environmental management of residual materials.


7. Participation in the “Défi Sans Auto Solo”:

Every year, Groupe Somavrac takes part in “Défi sans auto solo”, which challenges citizens to reduce car use. Through this initiative, the company has managed to save more than 100 kilograms of CO2 this year!