arrimage et transport de modules surdimensionnées

12 September 2018

Business Case: stevedoring and transport of oversized parts

On Québec’s North Shore, Porlier Express is a leading industrial partner, thanks to its broad service offer that includes multimodal handling services, terminal management as part of industrial outsourcing, and various logistics projects.

Last year, Porlier Express had the opportunity to bring its multimodal handling expertise to life by providing oversized docking and transport of oversized modules. This operation included part transfers from a vessel to a trailer.

Main challenges for the client

  • Deadline to meet (8 hours)
  • A total of nine parts were to be handled, two which were oversized :
    – Weight: 70 metric tons
    – Dimensions: 16 ‘and 8 “wide / 54’ ‘and 11’ ‘long / 15’ ‘and 3’ high;
  • Health and safety constraints due to the size and weight of the parts
  • Degraded / damaged road

Solutions offered by Porlier Express *

  • Ship cranes were used to unload parts on a multi-line trailer
  • A platform for securing parts on trucks in a safety zone was used
  • Grading and road improvement for approximately one kilometer to ensure safe transportation

Results and impacts for the client

  • The project was completed in 6 hours
  • The plant was able to continue operations quickly
  • The operation was carried out without incident and impact on the environment

Porlier Express demonstrates, once again, in choosing Porlier Express, customers reduce inherent operational risks, maximize productivity, and can focus on their operations and core industrial activities.