8 February 2019

Don’t delay – ask for your dust suppressant quote today!

Get a head start on summer and contact Somavrac C.C. today for your dust suppressant quote. 

Although we’re experiencing frigid temperatures and summer still seems so far away, now is the time to ask for your dust suppressant quote for the summer season. Dust suppressants are available in liquid and flake formats, and our specialists are there to help guide you in choosing the best solution for your needs.

Did you know that in summertime, the hygroscopic nature of calcium chloride can draw moisture out of the air and trap it at ground level to prevent dust from rising when vehicles drive by? Somavrac C.C. offers two options, depending on your budget and facilities. The first has municipality operators apply calcium chloride flakes (Xtra85), while the second is a turnkey solution for the application of Liquidow™ liquid calcium chloride.

Services offered by Somavrac C.C. regarding the application of Liquidow™ liquid calcium chloride include

  • On-site analysis of specific needs by one of our representatives
  • Quotes/estimates/product proposals
  • Road stabilization service
  • Liquidow™ dust suppressant spreading
  • Technical work site assistance

To make the most of our efficient, proactive service or to learn more about high-performance de-icing agents and dust suppressants, contact Somavrac C.C. today: 1 800 563-3313 | info@somcc.com

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