21 September 2020

Agricultural Industry – 5 reasons to do business with a logistics expert

Groupe Somavrac had been handling the agricultural industries’ supply chain from stevedoring to transportation for many years now and has built a solid reputation amongst this industry by offering services tailored to their needs and processes. In fact, did you know that the 5 largest users or buyers of fertilizers in Quebec go through Groupe Somavrac facilities? Discover 5 reasons these companies do business with a logistics expert such as Groupe Somavrac.

  1. Every step of the way
    From stevedoring to transportation, you can be sure that your products are in good hands; those of Groupe Somavrac and its subsidiaries. Whether your goods arrive by boat, railcar or truck, the company has the expertise to offer you stevedoring, warehousing, handling, processing and even transportation services. Liquid or solid bulk, Groupe Somavrac takes care of unloading or loading ships to external or internal warehouses.
  2. Operational flexibility
    An internal committee made up of members of senior management, engineering, health, safety, and environment departments provide a personalized service to meet your specific needs. These professionals are there to help you rethink your supply chain, design, and build special tanks or even automatically blend or toll your additive all depending on your requirements.
  3. Focus on your operations, not on your supply chain!
    Groupe Somavrac handles your supply chain which allows you to focus on your core business. In addition to unloading and storing your material, the company can free you from special blends or mixtures and transportation. Your product reaches the desired location safely, promptly, and effortlessly!
  4. Respect for the environment – sustainable agriculture
    Groupe Somavrac aims for efficiency in every stage of the supply chain. This often means frugality but also sustainability. Tanks are installed onsite and pumps and piping on our terminals reach these tanks, allowing us to save thousands of kilometers per year by avoiding these little trips. Moreover, automating all fertilizers in one place for several of your different customers reduces the distance traveled by transporters.
  5. A personalized approach and a professional team to meet your needs
    The experts working at Groupe Somavrac strives to offer the best services, and not in a generic way. Each of the company’s customers has different requirements and the service offering for these is tailored to their needs.

Choosing Groupe Somavrac means choosing expertise and experience suited to your needs! Do not hesitate to contact one of our experts.