Don de livres COMSEP

23 December 2020

Christmas Mission!

To celebrate the holiday season properly, Groupe Somavrac has organized several activities to give back to its community!

Christmas reading with COMSEP

This year again, we donated books to children of the COMSEP organization. This Popular Education Organization brings together people living in poverty who try to improve their living conditions. The idea of donating books to this organization came from our desire to be more involved in our community, while giving useful gifts to children.

Last year, the company donated 62 books to the children of the organization in partnership with a local bookstore (Libraire L’Exèdre). This year, a total of 82 books were given in partnership with the same local bookstore. In addition to that, most of the books donated are either by Quebec or Canadian authors, illustrators, or publishing houses to encourage the local culture and economy.

Also, employees had the chance to donate to the organization by giving their used books to replenish the COMSEP library. Over 5 large boxes full of used books were donated this way to the organization. The generosity of our employees has once again exceeded expectations!


Donation of Blankets and Accessories to SPA Mauricie

This year, in addition to book collection bins at the head office, bins for the SPA Mauricie, a local pet shelter, three collection boxes were set up so that employees could donate comforters, cushions and other accessories for cats and dogs. The three bins were filled and there is no doubt that the pets at the SPA Mauricie will benefit from the generosity of the Groupe Somavrac employees.

Drawing Competition

Every year, the company sends holiday greeting cards to its customers. To change things a bit, this year we organized a drawing competition with our employees’ children. The winning drawing would then be used as a virtual card! In addition, our winner had the opportunity to choose a foundation of his or her choice to which the company would donate $ 1,000. This is how Evan Lyrette, our HR colleague Carine Harton’s son won and gave to the Mira Foundation. Thanks to his beautiful drawing entitled “Christmas at Somavrac” we sent unique cards to our customers while giving back to a good cause.