Liquid Dust Suppressant and De-Icer

Liquidow, trademark of OXY *, is a 35% concentrated calcium chloride liquid de-icer and dust suppressant. Offered as a turnkey solution, the dust suppressant spreading service offered by Somavrac C.C. meets the needs of many industries. Calcium chloride has several interesting chemical properties that make it suitable for fighting dust, ice and frost.

Liquidow as a dust suppressant

In summer, Liquidow absorbs ambient dust and keeps it grounded. It is for this reason that this product is mainly used on unpaved surfaces and on gravel paths and driveways. This product can also be applied on bike paths, in parking lots, on golf, tennis, baseball or camping grounds and in equestrian centers.

Liquidow as a de-icer

In winter, Liquidow has many uses, including pre-wetting salt and abrasives and impact attenuators. This product can also be useful in the cold season as a non-stick solution or as a liquid de-icer depending on the context.

Available formats

Liquidow is available in bulk and 1000 litre containers.

* Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation

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