XTRA85 is an 85% concentrated calcium chloride-based dust suppressant and de-icer. This product, which has the BNQ certification, is useful in summer and winter depending on the user’s needs. The high concentration of this product gives it exceptional properties and its solid form eases its handling and storage.

Xtra85 as a dust suppressant

In the summer, this product is used for dust control on unpaved surfaces, gravel paths and driveways, bike paths, parking lots, golf trails, tennis, baseball and camping grounds, or on other similar surfaces. The construction industry can also use this product in the repair of surfaces and roads or in the development of residential complexes.

Xtra85 as a de-icer

In winter, Xtra85 acts as a de-icer by releasing heat on contact with snow and ice, thereby speeding up the melting process at temperatures as low as -32 ° C. This product can be used in solution or directly applied to steps, driveways, parking lots or added to de-icing salt to enhance its effectiveness.

Available formats

As a dust suppressant or de-icer, XTRA85 is available in the following formats:

  • In bulk for a minimum quantity of 36 metric tons;
  • In bags of 1000 kg;
  • In 35 kg bags for a minimum quantity of a pallet (40 bags per pallet);
  • In 20 kg bags for a minimum quantity of a pallet (63 bags per pallet).

The companies we serve value this product because of its high concentration and easy storage. Our know-how in the development of turnkey solutions to combat dust, ice and frost gives us the title of leader in several areas.

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