Abrasive Treatment

It is a challenge for municipalitiesmining companies or construction contractors to keep piles of abrasive or ore malleable in very cold temperatures. Somavrac C.C. therefore offers Xtragrip as a solution, which acts as an antifreeze treatment to make them more flexible and easier to handle!

Mixed with abrasive or ore piles, Xtragrip helps keep the pile malleable in harsh winter conditions. In addition, abrasives treated with Xtragrip liquid stick to the icy surfaces, preventing dispersion towards ditches.


In addition to these Xtragrip :

  • Is effective at very low temperatures; down to -50°C to be exact;
  • Reduces aggregate losses by 20% since, as mentioned, abrasives treated with Xtragrip adhere better to the road or icy surfaces;
  • Is available in several formats and concentrations;
  • Does not damage gravel roads in the spring and helps with road compaction.

Formats and concentrations available

Somavrac C.C. offers Xtragrip in different concentrations and formats depending on your needs. Stockpile treatment can be done in a turnkey service by your operations team. We adapt our procedures to your needs.


  • Concentration of calcium chloride from 25 to 33%;
  • Formats available : 
  • Tank truck (27,000 liters)
  • Semi-bulk (5,000 to 10,500 liters)
  • 1,000 liter containers

Why do business with Somavrac C.C.

For more than 25 years now, Somavrac C.C. has been developing solutions for frost, ice and dust conditions for municipalities, mines and construction contractors. Somavrac C.C. is the reference in the field of de-icers and dust suppressants for these industries.

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