Iron Dust and Melt is a calcium chloride-based liquid industrial dust suppressant and de-icer that contains, among other things, a corrosion inhibitor. This product is as little corrosive as rainwater and is extremely resistant to freezing (effective down to -50°C). Iron Dust & Melt is suitable for both winter and summer, to counter dust, frost or ice problems.

Iron Dust & Melt for Dust Control

Iron Dust & Melt is useful for eliminating dust caused by mining operations (crushing, transportation, stockpiling, etc.) and thus improving employee safety and working conditions. It is by simply applying this product directly to the stone or ore that the presence of dust will be prevented during the operations of crushing, stockpiling and transport of materials.

Iron Dust & Melt for frost and ice problems

Iron Dust & Melt can also ease the emptying operations of wagons or truck bodies and prevent the return of ore that would have adhered to the wagons (carryback). All you must do is apply the Iron Dust & Melt product to the walls of the wagons or the bottom of the truck bed. Iron Dust & Melt can also be applied when stacking ores to ensure malleability of the piles in very cold conditions.

A solution for every condition

Iron Dust & Melt allows the use of a single product to meet many conditions in the mining industry. Whether it is a problem of dust, frost or ice, Somavrac C.C. offers solutions adapted to the needs and realities of its customers. With more than 25 years of experience in the development of dust suppressants and de-icers, Somavrac C.C. offers reliable solutions adapted to the needs of its customers.

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