Innovative Ice Melters


Mistral is a range of innovative de-icers designed and manufactured by Somavrac C.C., in Quebec, Canada. Both of these products were designed specifically for the harsh Canadian winters. Mistral products are offered in two formulas to meet winter conditions and the needs of each client. Discover our products: Mistral High Performance and Mistral Eco Efficient. Mistral High Performance is available in 10kg or 20kg bags. Mistral Eco Efficient is available in  10 kg, 20 kg and 1000 kg bags.

 Somavrac C.C. is still looking for a distributor for this product. For the list of locations where Mistral is currently distributed, click here.

Mistral High Performance

Mistral high performance

Mistral High Performance is a de-icing mixture designed to activate in seconds. This high performance de-icer is perfect for securing entrances, sidewalks, steps or parking lots. The combination of high performance ingredients effectively prevents falls and injuries at extremely cold temperatures. This product is effective down to -30 ° C. Mistral High Performance is perfectly suited to the following conditions: stairs, hillsides, sidewalks and parking lots.

Mistral Eco Efficient

Mistral Eco-efficient combines efficiency and low impact on the environment. Our vegetable additive SBL activates the melting power of the de-icer while being less harmful to the environment. Effective up to -25 ° C, the Eco-efficient de-icer remains active longer, even at lower temperatures, reducing the frequency and quantity of application. Mistral Éco Efficace is perfectly suited to the following conditions: stairs, hills, sidewalks and parking lots

Mistral Eco Efficient

Mistral products are available at the following dealers

  • Canac – everywhere in Quebec
  • Laboratoires Choisy – Trois-Rivières
  • Quincaillerie Matério – Saint Jérôme Terrebonne & Saint-Hipployte
  • Uni-Select : Bumper to bumper – Saint-Marie de Beauce
  • Home Hardware – Jonquière
  • Rona – Senneterre
  • Quincaillerie des Frontières – Pohénégamook

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