Mainly used by the hydroelectric or water treatment sector, Natural Cinders is used during maintenance or upkeep work. Placed at the threshold of a dam gate to slow the flow of water flowing from it, this product allows workers to safely inspect the internal area of ​​a hydraulic turbine by slowing down water leaks.

Natural Cinders can be used on wood, steel and concrete surfaces for cofferdams, drying walls for inspection or to slow the flow of water. Natural Cinders is the number one waterproofing and dewatering solution for hydroelectric and water treatment plants. If you take a unit offline or need to minimize the formation of ice or need to dry out a cofferdam, Natural Cinders is the most ecological and efficient solution available to you.

Available Formats of Natural Cinders

  • Aggregate diameter 0-2 inches: bulk, 250 lb drums, and 1,000 kg bundles
  • Aggregate diameter 0-¾ inch: bulk and 40 lb bags

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Somavrac C.C.’s mission is to offer a solution for every condition (ice, dust, etc.) for companies in several markets. Somavrac C.C. is made up of a team of professionals dedicated to its customers. In business for over 25 years, Somavrac C.C. has a reliable and efficient distribution network.

Registered trademark of J.M. Power Aggregates.

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