PM-65 is a de-icing mix that has been specially developed for northern regions. Thanks to its high efficiency on gravel roads and in extreme cold. Used alone or mixed with your winter abrasive, PM-65 is the ideal de-icer for gravel roads.


This fast-acting product de-ices faster than regular de-icing salt. Effective down to -30°C, PM65: industrial de-icer is composed of a mixture of calcium chloride and sodium chloride, this product has been designed to ensure the safety of heavy vehicles whether on forest or mining roads .

Available Formats

Somavrac C.C. offers PM65 in 1000 kg bags

Why do business with Somavrac C.C.

For over 25 years, Somavrac C.C. has been designing, developing and distributing high-quality de-icers and dust suppressants. Somavrac C.C.’s expertise in the municipal, mining and construction markets allows it to offer quality products that are adapted to the needs these customers.

Information about the product

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