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Mistral – the new line of innovative ice melters from Somavrac C.C.

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With winter upon us, Somavrac C.C. is proud to announce the launch of its new line of ice melters: Mistral. Available in two innovative formulas, these ice melters are ideal for roads, sidewalks, stairs, and parking areas, no matter what your business.

Drawing its name from a cold high wind, Mistral was specially designed to handle harsh Canadian winters. In seeking to provide a product that meets the needs of its customers, Somavrac C.C. developed two innovative products: Mistral High Performance and Mistral Eco Efficient.

Mistral High Performance

This high performance product was designed to activate in just a few seconds. It’s the go-to ice melter after a snowstorm or an ice storm! Effective down to -30 °C, Mistral High Performance has a long-lasting effect, to reduce application frequency.

Learn more about the product.

Mistral Eco Efficient

This eco efficient product contains a natural additive that helps it stay active longer, even at very low temperatures. Effective down to -25 °C, it strikes the perfect balance between low environmental impact and efficiency.

Learn more about the product.

100% Made in Quebec

Mistral ice melters are developed and manufactured in Quebec. From the concept for the product line to the mixing and bagging of the product, everything is done in Trois-Rivières in the Mauricie region. Somavrac C.C. is incredibly proud to offer these products to its customers. If you want to contact a sales representative, click here.