De-Icing Agent (pellets)

Peladow is a super powerful ice melter in beads. Its particular shape allows it to penetrate ice and snow more easily and quickly than any other de-icer on the market. Made of 90% concentrated calcium chloride, Peladow is the most effective de-icer on the market. Effective down to -35°C, Peladow remains active over time, over several days. This product is ideal for de-icing driveways, sidewalks, steps, bridges, parking lots and other icy surfaces.

Formats of Peladow

Peladow is available in 20kg bags. The minimum order quantity for this product is one pallet (63 bags).

About Somavrac C.C.

Somavrac C.C.has been offering and designing de-icers and dust suppressants for private and public industries for over 25 years. Its expertise in ice and dust conditions allows it to offer innovative and effective solutions for its customers.

Trademark of Occidental Chemical Corporation.

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