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Somavrac C.C.: sale and distribution of calcium chloride dust suppressant and de-icing agents

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Calcium chloride is Somavrac C.C’s niche market, as it specializes in the sale and distribution of the product mainly used as a dust suppressant and de-icing agent. The company provides customers with specific expertise and essential products.



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Chemical Distribution

Our chemicals products

Dust Suppressants

Iron Dust® (Calcium Chloride, industrial dust suppressant)

Eliminates dust generated by mining operations; As non-corrosive as rainwater; Frost-resistant down to -50 °C

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LIQUIDOWTM (Calcium Chloride 35%)

Recovers moisture from the ambient air and keeps dust to the ground; Cumulative effect; Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec.

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Xtra85® (Calcium Chloride 83-87% Flakes)

Calcium-chloride (85% concentration); Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec; High performance dust supressant

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Magnesium Chloride (Mag Liquide®)

Presoaking of salt and abrasives; Preventive spreading/anti-icing; Post-precipitation spreading and de-icing surface scraping

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BRINERS CHOICETM (Anhydrous Calcium Chloride Pellets)

Food-grade calcium chloride; Used to treat fruits and vegetables (to maintain firmness); Used in the treatment of frozen food as a refrigerant

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Food Grade Anhydrous 94-97%TM (Calcium Chloride Pellets)

Food-grade anhydrous calcium chloride; Enhance the flavor and/or texture of food products; Kosher certified and complies with Halal requirements

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Articplus -25® (Salt and Calcium Chloride)

Effective down to -25 °C Reacts quickly against snow and ice Reduces the chance of introducing melter inside buildings (excellent ground adherence)

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LIQUIDOWTM liquid de-icing agent (Calcium Chloride 35%)

Calcium-chloride-based (30% concentration); Effective down to -43 °C; Used to prevent materials from sticking to bulk truck boxes.

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PELADOWTM (Calcium Chloride Pellets)

90% concentration; The most powerful melter; Does not chemically damage mature and high-quality concrete

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Xtra85® de-icing agent (Flakes)

85% concentration; Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec; Effective down to -32 °C

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Calcium Chloride, treatment of stock piles of abrasive/salt (XtragripTM)

Keeps piles malleable in the winter season, down to -50 °C Prevents dispersal of abrasives toward the ditch (20% less losses) Uniform pile, without liquid flowing towards the bottom

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Magnesium Chloride with sugar additive (D-Glace 100TM)

Effective down to -45 °C; As non-corrosive as rainwater; Excellent performance of the product even after 50% dilution

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Magnesium Chloride Pellets (Dead Sea MagTM)

Effective down to -25 °C; Extracted from the Dead Sea; Safe for animals, people, and the environment.

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Iron Dust® (Calcium Chloride, industrial dust suppressant)

Effective down to -50 °C; Enhances the safety and working conditions of employees; As non-corrosive as rainwater

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Iron Melt® (Calcium Chloride, industrial de-icing agent)

Contains a corrosion inhibitor; Frost resistant (down to -50 °C); Makes emptying railcars easier and prevents ore carryback.

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LIQUIDOWTM (Crash cushioning)

Calcium-chloride-based (30% concentration); Effective down to -43 °C; Used inside crash cushions in cold conditions

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Plant-Based Release Agent (Bioguard)

Plant-based release agent. Prevent materials from sticking to railcars.

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Natural Cinders®

Ensures workers safety; Environmentally friendly: no deposit of silica; Slows the water flow at the dam gates

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Calcium Chloride (Magri-1000®)

One liter weighs 1.30 kg. Does not cause wheel rim rust. Non-hazardous and non-flammable

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Calcium Chloride (Éolienne 40TM)

As non-corrosive as rainwater; Does not damage wind turbine components; Certified by Bureau de normalisation du Québec

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Winter Caustic Soda (Calartic)

Effective down to -20 °C; Caustic-soda-based product; Used to control pH levels in winter conditions

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Somavrac C.C.: sale and distribution of calcium chloride dust suppressant and de-icing agents

Somavrac C.C. is the leader in calcium chloride distribution in Québec. Known by municipalities for its dust suppressants and de-icing agents, Somavrac C.C. is a dependable, professional, and environmentally diligent supplier. Mindful of increasing the customer base, Somavrac C.C. develops products and services for various industries, including the agri-food and mining sectors.

Service specifications

Specialization Distribution of chemicals
Services Spreading, bagging, mixing, and treating of abrasives and salt
Locations Trois-Rivières, Québec, with warehousing sites in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Mauricie, Montérégie, the Eastern Townships, the North Shore, Gaspésie, Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, Québec City and Montréal
Others Molasses, methanol, and potassium thiocyanate