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Why choose UBA over another supplier?

Excerpted from an interview with Charles Gagnon, Quebec Sales Director for UBA.


UBA handles chemical deliveries for its customers with careful attention to detail: “They are our trucks, our drivers, and our products. We are very mindful when it comes to operations, compliance, and customer satisfaction. It’s our name and our reputation on the line, and we make a point of being reliable and staying close to our customers,” says Charles.

Delivery lead times

We also offer excellent turnaround times – between 24 and 72 hours. “In the industry, we are often told our delivery times are faster than average,” adds Charles. We are known for our quick response and our willingness to provide emergency service in under 24 hours.

In terms of products, how does UBA stand out?

An excellent network of suppliers

UBA relies on long-term relations and partnerships with its chemical vendors. Buying from dedicated suppliers helps UBA secure quality products, ensure cargo availability, and obtain a quick response from suppliers. UBA can then share the benefits of these partnerships with its own clientele: short lead times, priority, and flexibility. Furthermore, the limited number of procurement sources makes for closer tracking of product quality.

Sodium hypochlorite manufacturer

UBA also manufactures sodium hypochlorite: “That means we oversee the entire production line for the product. That translates into better cost and volume control, quality management, and flexibility when we receive specific requests from customers. All that at a competitive price,” says Charles.

In terms of customer service, how does UBA stand out?

Direct access to our teams – operations, emergency, and sales

When it comes to operations, our customers have a direct line to the operations team, whether by phone or email. In an emergency, our teams are trained to act and implement the emergency response plan (if the event occurs within our set territory), 24/7. In terms of customer service, every customer has a direct link to a member of the sales team. Representatives are responsive, quick to act, and they always make your problems or questions a priority.

In terms of health and safety, how does UBA stand out?

Use of volumetric pumps for maximum safety

UBA distributes LTL (less-than-truckload) cargo using volumetric pumps instead of the compressed air systems other distributors use. This method ensures the delivery of accurate volumes as well as safe transfers, since trailers do not need depressurization after unloading.

In terms of equipment (tanks), how does UBA stand out?

Unparalleled inventory management

When it comes to health, safety, and environmental issues, the company has its own training program and complies strictly with all required standards. Equipment is one of the main aspects that set the company apart. As it retains ownership of the tank, it continues to oversee installation, inspection, filling, insurance coverage, and any repairs that may be needed. Customers enjoy turnkey service, and only have to connect the tank to their manufacturing process. Doing business with UBA means peace of mind, all the more so since UBA offers premium inventory management services: the UBA team installs connected level sensors. That ensures UBA handles tank refills so that product never runs out for your process. One quick call to check and secure delivery – that’s it. Being able to see inventory levels for each customer in real time enables UBA to offer just-in-time services as part of its service offering.

In terms of distribution services, how does UBA stand out?

Delivery of small or large volumes at a competitive price

UBA can deliver a variety of formats, from partial bulk delivery and semi-bulk to bottles, which gives it great flexibility in terms of shipping volumes. Whether dealing in small volumes or large ones, UBA offers delivery services that benefit every customer. For example, if you need small volumes, UBA can deliver in semi-bulk format. One truck can therefore serve more than one customer, which lowers transportation costs for each of them. In other words, even if your chemical consumption is lower, you can access affordable semi-bulk service to deliver the volumes you need, rather than having to deal with full truckloads.

Formats for every need

This is all made possible thanks to our fill lines and our fleet of trucks that can accommodate every type of format: bulk, semi-bulk, totes, delcans, pails, bottles, and drums.

Describe UBA in three words

Personally, the best way to describe UBA in three terms is

Get it right | On time | Every time!




Optimize Your Chemical Supply Process With UBA

Thanks to UBA, businesses of every size in a variety of industries successfully lower their chemical supply costs by optimizing their chemical procurement and warehousing processes.

What’s more, these same businesses share peace of mind when it comes to managing the inventory of chemicals their manufacturing processes require. UBA solutions also make it easier to improve health, safety, and environmental management in warehouses.

The UBA team has prepared a success story to show you how: simply click here to download it. In it, you’ll discover how one of our customers in the Industrial laundry services leveraged these elements through the implementation of custom warehousing systems run entirely by UBA.

Download the success story

Providing turnkey chemical distribution and warehousing services for over 60 years, UBA is your strategic partner in chemical sales, inventory management, and distribution. Contact us with any questions you may have about our products or services.

UBA chemical solutions for the pool industry

solutions chimiques industrie des piscines, chemical solutions pool industry, UBA

Following the construction of its own sodium hypochlorite (Javelo™) plant in Beauharnois in 2012, UBA quickly became a leader in chemical distribution for the swimming pool and spa industry.

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Chlorine for pools and spas

UBA manufactures sodium hypochlorite, also known as bleach. Read on to learn more about UBA’s flagship product, Javelo™.

  • Javelo™ is a 100% Canadian product produced at the UBA manufacturing plant in Beauharnois, Quebec.
  • This quality product is available in several different concentrations, up to 19%.
  • Javelo™ is available in several sizes, depending on your needs: 1- to 4-litre bottles, Delcan containers (20 litres), drums, and bulk and semi-bulk volumes.
  • UBA also offers storage services for bulk and semi-bulk volumes.

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The herbicides UBA offers, WeedErase™ and WeedEnder™, are ideal for getting rid of the lawn or weeds invading your pavement or pool deck. Here is some information about the herbicide products offered by UBA:

  • WeedEnder™ is a non-selective 6% acetic acid herbicide, which is an ideal concentration for non-professional use.
  • WeedErase™ is a non-selective 20% acetic acid herbicide, which is an ideal concentration for construction contractors (for larger projects diluting down to 6% for final end-use application)
  • Safe for concrete, paving stones, and other spaces around your pool.
  • Environmentally friendly since they break down easily once rinsed.
  • Available in several formats, depending on customer needs: 1- to 4-litre bottles, Delcan containers (20 litres), drums, and bulk and semi-bulk volumes.

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About UBA

UBA is a distributor of chemical products in Quebec and Ontario that stands out by its specialization in the sale of packaged chemicals, as well as its expertise in the delivery of bulk and semi-bulk chemical products

Caustic soda, a basic chemical for all your transformations

Pâtes et papier

Caustic soda, also known as sodium hydroxide, is a highly powerful and versatile base. It is a popular chemical thanks to its high alkalinity, which helps it effectively control pH levels. Its high solubility in water and easy transportation, warehousing, and use also contribute to its widespread use.


Caustic soda is used in several fields. One of its main uses is in neutralizing acidic environments, which explains its frequent use in chemical manufacturing.

Since sodium hydroxide is a very powerful base, it is frequently used to capture acidic emanations or gases that can be neutralized with a base.

Caustic soda is also used in the pulp and paper and petroleum industries. It can be used to extract acidic contaminants in order to manufacture higher quality products.

Refining vegetable oils also calls for this product to rid them of free fatty acids that can give oils an unpleasant taste.

Sodium hydroxide is an effective, reliable solution to several problems in almost every industry involved in transforming matter, including water treatment, agri-food, pulp and paper, contaminated soil treatment, chemical manufacturing, and agricultural products.


UBA offers customers liquid caustic soda in several concentrations, 10% to 30% as well as 25% to 50%. UBA also provides solid sodium hydroxide in bags of 22.7 kg and 25 kg.


UBA distributes chemicals across Quebec and Ontario. The company is uniquely specialized in the sale of packaged chemicals and sets itself apart through its expertise in the delivery of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals.

Contact UBA  for a quote on caustic soda.

Hydrochloric acid: a chemical product with many uses

L’acide chlorhydrique : un produit chimique aux multiples usages

Hydrochloric acid is a powerful acid that facilitates a multitude of tasks in a reliable and efficient way. It is particularly well suited to meet several needs in the industrial sector.

Available as an aqueous solution, hydrochloric acid is made from hydrogen chloride gas. This chemical product, which is distributed by UBA, is a simple and highly versatile hydracid, due to its very low molecular weight and pronounced acidity.

Hydrochloric acid solutions with high concentration can reach a pH of up to -1. This product, due to its low pH solves many of the problems encountered in a number of industries such as metallurgy, surface treatment, petrochemicals, water treatment and mining.

Hydrochloric acid areas of application

In the metallurgy and surface treatment industries, hydrochloric acid can easily strip several metals, alloys and steels. It easily destroys the undesirable oxide layer that can form on the surface of these materials.

This product makes it a preferred reagent for the petrochemical industry acidifying oil wells.

As hydrochloric acid contains chlorine, this acid is a suitable precursor for the synthesis of ferric chloride for water treatment and PVC synthesis. Hydrochloric acid can also be used to neutralize basic and alkaline waste prior to its release into the environment.

Formats and concentrations distributed by UBA

UBA offers two standard concentrations of hydrochloric acids to its customers: 29%, 31.45%. Depending on customer requirements, UBA can also offer various dilutions for this product. This product is available in a multiple format including in bulk, semi-bulk, totes, drums delcans, 4L and 1L containers.

Purchase hydrochloric acid or learn more about this versatile chemical

UBA is a chemical distributor for Eastern Canada and North Eastern United States with a diversified distribution network. This has contributed to its positioning as an expert in the delivery of packaged product as well as bulk and partial bulk chemical supply. To receive a quotation for hydrochloric acid contact a sales representative here .

Glycols and cooling systems: which chemical best suits your needs?

Propylène Glycol et Éthylène Glycol Pour Systèmes de Refroidissement

Propylene glycol and ethylene glycol are part of the “diol” chemical family, which consists of fairly common compounds. The low density of propylene glycol and ethylene glycol makes them easier to use and transport than many other chemicals available on the market. In addition, the chemical structures of these molecules give them excellent thermal properties, especially when they are in an aqueous solution.

The properties of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol aqueous solutions

Some thermal properties of ethylene glycol and propylene glycol aqueous solutions are so good that they can be used as a heat transfer fluid, i.e. as a liquid used to transport heat or coolant between two or more temperature sources.

For example, in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, an aqueous solution of ethylene glycol or propylene glycol injected into a cooling system can lower the temperature of the system much more efficiently than water. This is because ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, when added to water, lower its freezing point and allow the liquid to reach a temperature below 0° Celsius without solidifying.

Ethylene glycol distributed by UBA

UBA distributes ethylene glycol, which is also well suited for several industrial applications in addition to antifreeze and heat transfer systems. Ethylene glycol is often used as a polyfoam fibre synthesis product, as a solvent for latex paints or as a dehydration agent for natural gas treatment.

As an expert chemical distributor, UBA offers this product in the following formats: bulk, partial bulk, totes, drums and delcans. If you want to learn more about this product or contact a sales representative, click here.

Learn more about propylene glycol distributed by UBA

Propylene glycol is more frequently used in coolers that are made to produce or preserve goods for human consumption, such as beverages. Propylene glycol distributed by is compatible with most refrigeration systems in the market today. The product is available in : bulk, partial bulk, totes, drums and delcans. Click here to learn more about UBA propylene glycol.

Get a reliable chemical delivery service

UBA is a strategic ally for your chemical needs. With more than 60 years of proven experience in chemical distribution, qualified employees, and turnkey solutions, UBA is the ideal partner. Find out more about UBA here.

Hydrogen peroxide: a versatile natural compound used in many industries

Peroxyde d'hydrogene , UBA

Hydrogen peroxide is the simplest compound in the peroxide family. The compound is naturally present in all living things because of the role it plays in many biological processes. Although it is a natural product, hydrogen peroxide is a powerful oxidant that can easily react with many compounds.


The high oxidizing power of hydrogen peroxide combined with its light weight, commercial availability and ease of handling make it an effective solution for a wide range of applications in a variety of industries. Hydrogen peroxide is the most widely used bleaching agent in the pulp and paper industry. Its whitening properties are also ideal for the textile industry. In this case, peroxide is used to bleach textiles that will be used, among other things, to make white clothing. Whether natural or artificial fibers, hydrogen peroxide is the ideal product for cleaning clothing or bleaching fibers before they go to market. Laundromats, industrial cleaners and the textile industry benefit greatly from this.

It is also used in water treatment for its excellent antibacterial properties. Once in water, hydrogen peroxide also has the advantage of converting into both water and oxygen. This process, unlike chlorine and bromine, does not generate potentially unwanted compounds in water, such as chloramines. Finally, hydrogen peroxide is widely used in agricultural greenhouses because its powerful antibacterial properties allow it to neutralize various agricultural diseases such as rhizoctone and fusarium oxysporum. Hydrogen peroxide is therefore a reliable solution to several problems encountered in various industries.


UBA is a chemical distributor in Quebec and Ontario. The company stands out for its specialization in the sale of drummed and packaged chemicals, as well as for its expertise in the delivery of bulk and semi-bulk chemicals. For a quote on hydrogen peroxide, contact UBA.

5 reasons to do business with UBA

UBA, distributeur de produits chimiques, chemical distributor


Looking for a reliable and professional chemical distributor? Here are five reasons to do business with UBA!


1. UBA designs sophisticated storage systems :

UBA designs and installs storage systems for bulk or semi-bulk chemical product volumes. These storage systems can be linked to the customer’s manufacturing process. As tanks are equipped with a telemetry system, all inventory information (minimum and maximum) is available in real time to the customer and UBA for easier chemical refuelling. Storage systems can be made of steel, stainless steel, fibre-reinforced plastic (FRP), high-density polyethylene (HDPE), or carbon.


2. Your products are transported in modern equipment :

UBA offers full loads (bulk chemicals) as well as partial loads (semi-bulk) in tanks. With a fleet of state-of-the-art trucks, the transfer of chemicals is done using pumps, for safe, accurate flow into tanks installed at the customer’s facilities.


3. Safety is UBA’s priority :

To ensure the health and safety of neighbouring populations, UBA ensures that its drivers are highly qualified by training them specifically on the products they deliver. UBA has also implemented preventive inspections and maintenance for storage systems. In addition, UBA helps foster safe chemical management by providing 24/7 emergency services.


4. Environmental awareness :

UBA is one of the founding members of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC) and is RD-21 certified, which “ensures a continuous reduction of incidents that may result in or threaten to cause injury to persons or damage to the environment.” UBA’s products and services are also certified by – National Sanitation Foundation (NSF60) – Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) – American Water Works Association (AWWA) – Food Chemicals Codex (FCC) – Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) – Kosher Certifier of Canada (“MK” Kosher) – Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA)


5. You are assured of quality :

UBA subscribes to a liability insurance policy dedicated to the storage systems installed at its customers’ premises. In addition, UBA ensures prompt, safe delivery at all times.


UBA Fact Check : 5 facts you should be aware of !

UBA, distributeur de produits chimiques, chemical distributor

UBA is more than a chemical distributor specializing in the delivery of full or partial loads; it’s a strategic partner for your chemical needs. Read on to learn more about UBA.

  1. Sixty Plus Years of Distribution Experience:
    Since 1956, UBA has been meeting companies requirements for chemical products by offering trusted solutions to meet customers’ standards. Their expertise in the safe distribution of partial bulk chemicals, combined with their extensive experience in placement of storage systems to meet customers regulatory requirements makes UBA the most viable option in the industry today.
  2. UBA Distributes 100% Canadian Produced Sodium Hypochlorite:
    In addition to distributing a variety of acid and alkali products serving a diverse customer base, UBA manufactures sodium hypochlorite. For almost ten years now, UBA has been sourcing sodium hypochlorite (Javelo) from its own manufacturing plant, Chloretec, located in Beauharnois, Quebec.
  3. A Subsidiary of Groupe Somavrac:
    UBA is one of the twelve subsidiaries of Groupe Somavrac, a logistics handler specialized in the management of solid and liquid bulk products. Groupe Somavrac is based in Trois-Rivières and employs nearly 500 people. Its expertise throughout the supply chain makes it possible to integrate product management techniques for UBA’s valued customers, delivering quality products at a competitive cost in a timely manner.
  4. Proactive Transportation Services:
    The strategic positioning of UBA (Mississauga, Oakville, and Vaudreuil-Dorion) supports a distribution network that extends from Ontario, Quebec, the Maritime provinces and the North Eastern United States. Its private fleet of trailers allows for efficient scheduling of customer delivery requirements to reduce lead times and assists in managing inventory requirements. In addition, each trailer is assigned to a specific chemical product, supporting both quality and safety for each product movement while reducing risk.
  5. Founding Member of Responsible Distribution Canada (RDC):
    UBA is one of the founding companies of RDC (Responsible Distribution Canada), which ensures that its members conduct rigorous, third-party independent audits of EQHS processes. UBA also proudly displays the Responsible Care symbol on each asset, as a reminder to all that their core principles of protection of the environment, and the health and safety of others come first.